Module @tapjs/after-each - v1.1.20


A default tap plugin providing t.afterEach().


This plugin is installed with tap by default. If you had previously removed it, you can tap plugin add @tapjs/after-each to bring it back.

import t from 'tap'
t.afterEach(t => {
// this will run after each child test, all of their child
// tests, and so on
// the parameter is the child test that just ended.

If the method returns a promise, it will be awaited before moving on to the next test.

The afterEach method is called for all child tests, not just direct children. "Closer" ancestor afterEach methods are called before further ancestors.

For example, this test:

import t from 'tap'
t.afterEach(t => {
console.error('root after each',

t.test('parent test', t => {
t.afterEach(t => {
console.error('parent after each',
t.test('child test', t => t.end())

will print:

parent after each child test
root after each child test
root after each parent test




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