Module @tapjs/core - v1.5.2


This is the pluggable core of node-tap.

The TestBase class has the basic flow-control aspects of a tap Test object, but only the t.pass() and assertions.

All other assertions and features are added via plugins.

Full documentation available in the typedocs.

Class Base

This is the base class of all sorts of test objects. It inherits from minipass.

Class TestBase

This provides the core flow control and TAP generation facilities. The Test class inherits from this.

Class Spawn

A child test class representing a child process that emits TAP on its standard output.

Class Worker

A child test class representing a worker thread that emits TAP on its standard output.

Class Stdin

A child test class representing TAP parsed from standard input.

Class TapFile

A child test class representing a file containing TAP data.

Class Counts

An object used to count pass, fail, todo, skip, total, and completed tests.

Class Lists

An object containing lists of test results.

Class TestPoint

An object representing a single ok/not ok test point.

Class Minimal

A very minimal Test class with no plugins, which can be used in tap internal tests.

It is essentially just the TestBase class, but automatically starting in the constructor, and with a .test() method so that it can be used somewhat like a "normal" Test instance.

The reason that this method does not live on TestBase itself is that it would make it more awkward to define on the Test class, with all its plugins and extensions.

Only useful if you want a Test without any plugins, for some reason.

proc, argv, cwd, env

Captured values of process, process.argv, process.cwd(), and process.env at the start of the process, in case they change later on or are not available for some other reason.


The string path to the location of @tapjs/core.

mainScript(defaultName = 'TAP'): string

The path to the main module that node ran.

TapPlugin<PluginValue, OptionsValue>

The type of a plugin function which returns PluginValue and optionally which takes OptionsValue as options.


The extra info passed to assertions.

Extended by BaseOpts, TestBaseOpts, and ultimately TestOpts, since any subtest is also an assertion, and can take all the same assertion options.



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