Module @tapjs/spawn - v1.1.20


A default tap plugin providing t.spawn().


This plugin is installed with tap by default. If you had previously removed it, you can tap plugin add @tapjs/spawn to bring it back.

Interface SpawnOpts

Options for t.spawn()

All of the normal Base and Extra options are also allowed.

  • cwd - string, the current working directory of the subprocess
  • env - Environment variables for the subprocess. Defaults to process.env
  • stdio - ChildProcess stdio option. Standard output is always set to 'pipe', because that's how it communicates test results, and file descriptor 3 is set to an IPC channel for sending timeout signals.
  • command (internal) - the command to run (set by first argument to t.spawn)
  • args (internal) - arguments to subprocess (set by second argument to t.spawn)
  • exitCode (internal) - Set on exit. The exit code of the process, or null if terminated with a signal.
  • signal (internal) - Set on exit. Terminating signal, or null of not terminated with a signal.

t.spawn(cmd, [args], [options], [name]): PromiseWithSpawn


  • cmd string - The command to run
  • args (optional) string | string[] - Arguments to pass to the command.
  • options (optional) SpawnOpts object

Spawns a process when the test starts, parsing its standard output as a TAP stream.

This is how the tap CLI runs test programs.

Returns a Promise that resolves when the test is complete. The subtest member on the Promise is a Spawn instance.




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