Module @tapjs/worker - v1.1.20


A default tap plugin providing t.worker().


This plugin is installed with tap by default. If you had previously removed it, you can tap plugin add @tapjs/worker to bring it back.

Interface WorkerOpts

Options for t.worker()

All of the normal Base and Extra options are also allowed.

  • workerData - Any data passed to the Worker thread. Shows up in the worker thread as t.workerData on the root TAP test.
  • env - Environment variables provided to the worker thread
  • eval - if set to true, then the filename will be treated as inline JavaScript code rather than a filename to run.

t.worker(filename, [options], [name]): PromiseWithWorker


  • filename string - The file to execute in the thread, or if { eval: true } is in the options, a string of JavaScript code to run.
  • options (optional) WorkerOpts object
  • name (optional) string - name of the subtest

Starts a Node.js Worker thread when the test starts, parsing its standard output as a TAP stream.

Returns a Promise that resolves when the test is complete. The subtest member on the Promise is a Worker instance.



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